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How to prepare for your first acupuncture visit

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Here is a quick run down of some of the things to help you plan for when getting treatment with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine

Whether you’re looking to conceive naturally, enhance your IVF treatments, regulate your hormones, increase your uterine lining, and/or the 9 million other reasons that could be affecting your fertility, acupuncture and Chinese medicine are here to help! Here is a quick run down of some of the things to help you plan for when getting treatment with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

  • I would seek out a practitioner who specializes in fertility or hormonal health. In my schooling, I elected to take a few classes in fertility and reproductive health, but it wasn’t nearly as comprehensive as the years of continuing education that I have done to become a specialist in this field. I find this especially true if you are undergoing IVF treatments. Finding a practitioner who has experience treating these patients is highly beneficial. Usually it is listed in their ‘bio’ section of their website or their company’s website.

  • Be prepared to wait a few weeks before your initial consult and first treatment. This is because our new patient appointments are often very thorough and require a lot of in-depth questioning which requires a large time slot. The reason we ask in detail questions about everything (and I mean, EV. RY. THING) is because we are treating your root cause of imbalance and that requires us to explore all areas of your mental, physical and emotional health. Obviously for fertility patients, this will be an in depth look at your menstrual cycle and hormonal health.

  • Once you finally get in for your new patient appointment : BRING ALL THE THINGS. What I mean, is anything that you have done or are doing for your current condition are important for us to know. For instance, any supplements, dietary recommendations, pharmaceuticals you are current taking. As well as, If you are doing basal body temperature charting (KUDOS- we love these!) then please be ready to share your charts as well as any apps that you are using to track your cycles and symptoms.

  • Contact information for all your providers. I have found that one of the most powerful treatments for patients is a collaborate effort from all health care providers involved. This includes your naturopaths, primary care physicians, reproductive endocrinologists, pelvic floor therapists, chiropractors, and whoever else is in your wellness squad.

Whatever reason you are seeking acupuncture support, I hope this is helpful to prepare! Dr. Lindsay Fox

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