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Long treatment plans and hormonal imbalance.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Learn how to deal with long treatment plans and the unknown of hormonal imbalance

This post is about dealing with long treatment plans and the unknown of hormonal imbalance; i.e. in it for the long haul!

Probably the most frustrating part about hormonal issues is the time it takes to rectify them. Whether is a short luteal phase, hot flashes, missing period, or acne, these conditions can be really stubborn and take a hot minute to fix.

The reality though, is that these conditions didn’t appear suddenly and out of no where. *Cue* years of overwork and stress, poor sleep and diet, not enough exercise, and spiritual and lifestyle components. Its been months of havoc on your body (gee, thanks 2020) so naturally your body will start to dysfunction.

The good news is, the second you start making better choices, those choices also compound over time. So switching out 4 cups of coffee first thing in the morning to having breakfast first, and then adding in one cup of coffee afterwards, might not feel good in the interim, but will make a profound difference with continuation.

Adding an extra hour of sleep every night, probably will make a big difference in your day, but over time, will not only help manage your stress, but can help tame anxiety and feelings of overwhelm.

Having fruit, veggies and nuts instead of chips for snacks, might not cause you to lose that stubborn weight, but you might notice your bowels are more regular and you don’t get as bloated through out the day. I also can’t stress enough how important diet is in regulating hormones.

These simple changes can make profound differences in your body and these are things that will be recommended to your through the course of acupuncture treatment. There are herbs and supplements that can help to expedite healing, but lifestyle changes are so important.

The mantras and daily affirmations you may be saying every day might not be sinking in this week, but next week might feel really powerful.

Time + Consistency = Results.

It’s an annoying thing that my trainer used to say but its true. The more consistent we are with the “little changes” the more they compound over time to create bigger and more sustainable change. Not to mention, it’s healthy and natural for things in your body to take time to heal. Anything that's a super quick fix is usually just that, a quick fix and not getting to the root cause of your imbalance.

So I know this sucks to hear, but give it time, and give your body some grace. It’s been an insane year, and it may be another year to undo all the mess that 2020 caused.

No judgement here for how you got through it—only support.

In health,

Dr. Lindsay Fox

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